DUPL is a home-based film development and scanning lab specializing in serving local artists in the Tri-Valley and surrounding areas.

With easy drop-off or mail-in services, the lab is a great choice for photographers who prefer to use a professional service that’s close to home. 

Ned in Lab


DUPL was founded by a photographer for photographers

“I started Danville Underground Photo Lab because I love film. I love shooting it, I love developing it, and I love the unique look of it. I know that handing over your film to a photo lab can feel a little unsettling. Rest assured, I’ll care about your film as if it was my own. I’ve been photographing, developing, and scanning film for years, and I know how much money and effort it takes to get the shot. That’s why I use only the best chemicals in my process, as well as the best development and scanning equipment available. My goal is to make it feel like you’re unwrapping a gift when you receive your images back from me.”

I’m looking forward to being your creative partner.

- Ned Bagno


How is my film processed?
Film is processed using Jobo automated processors. Jobo has been a leader in photographic processing equipment for decades and is used by professional labs worldwide.
How is the film scanned?
You have multiple options to achieve your goals, from Noritsu and Pakon roll film scanning to drum scanning and thick media flatbed scanning.
What sizes of film do can you develop?
135, 120, 220, 4x5, 5x7, 8x10
Can I get my negatives put into sleeves?
Yes. All roll film is put into sleeves uncut. Sheet film is returned in Print File pages.
Are my negatives returned to me?
Yes. All negatives are returned.
How are my negatives returned to me?
Roll film is sleeved un-cut and sheet film is returned in print files. Film is packaged and sent via USPS.
Do you do prints?
Printing is currently not available. Depending on the demand, I may provide this service; however, I can custom print up to a paper size of 17x22. Send me a note if you are looking to have an image printed.
Can I drop off my film?
Yes. Film can be dropped off or mailed to: Danville Underground Film Lab - 696 San Ramon Valley Blvd. #247 Danville, CA 94526. If you drop off your film, make sure you include the address and your return address.
If I drop off my film, do I still need to fill out the online form?
Yes. All orders need to be entered and paid via the web site. Please include your order number with your film.
If my film is already processed, can you scan it?
Yes. Please see the price list for scan-only services.
Do you offer pull and push services?
What chemistry do you use to process film?
C41 film is processed in either Kodak or Fuji Chemicals. E6 is processed with Fuji chemicals and black & white in Kodak D76 or Xtol, depending on your preferences.