Shipping Policy

Customers are welcome to ship or drop off their film. All orders will be shipped back to you via USPS priority mail with tracking. Shipping charges are per order. Notification of order shipment will be sent via email. Although I hope this never happens, Danville Underground is not responsible for lost packages.

Film processing error disclaimer

Film processing and scanning usually take between 3 to 5 days to process. It may take longer due to demand or other circumstances.

If your roll is blank due to a camera issue, human mistake, light leaks, etc., you are still responsible for paying for the chemicals used in the process.

Film developing is a hands-on process, from loading your camera to loading it into the processing machine. There is a lot of room for mistakes throughout the process. Although it is rare, human errors and equipment failure does happen with any lab.

If my lab ruins your film, I am limited to the replacement of the film only. Film that is no longer available will be replaced with the closest match after consultation with you.

Film is processed using Jobo automated processors. Jobo has been a leader in photographic processing equipment for decades and is used by professional labs worldwide.

Roll film is scanned on the superb Noritsu Hs-1800. The Noritsu is a 16 bit scanner and sets the standard for roll film scanners. Drum scanning is available on request using the Scanmate 11,000. The Scanmate is capable of producing 16 bit scans up to a maximum resolution of 11,000 spi. DUPL also has the Screen Cezanne Elite flat bed scanner which is a 16 bit scanner capable of scanning originals up to 13″x20.9 inches and 1″ thick. 

135, 120, 220, 4×5, 5×7, 8×10

Yes. All roll film is put into sleeves uncut. Sheet film is returned in Print File pages.

You have the option to choose the return of your negatives or not. Select which option you prefer on the order checkout page. 

Roll film is sleeved un-cut and sheet film is returned in print files. Film is packaged and sent via USPS.

Yes, 4×6 prints are available, just select that option on the order form. Note that not all film formats will fit a 4×6 print without cropping. I make my best judgment on how each image should be cropped.

Yes. Film can be dropped off or mailed to: Danville Underground Film Lab – 696 San Ramon Valley Blvd. #247 Danville, CA 94526. If you drop off your film, make sure you include the address and your return address.

Yes. All orders need to be entered and paid via the web site. Please include your order number with your film.

Yes. Please see the price list for scan-only services.

C41 film is processed in either Kodak or Fuji Chemicals. E6 is processed with Fuji chemicals and black & white in Kodak D76 or Xtol, depending on your preferences.

Roll film is best put into zip-lock-type bags to keep them from migrating around the package. If it can fit, a bubble envelop is fine, a small box even better. If you have any special requests for processing, such as push and pull services, make sure the roll is clearly marked. If I have any questions, I will contact you via your email given at the ordering stage. Sheet film is best sent inside the original box, with all of the protective parts of the box in place. Place that into a flat mailer or box, and you’ll be golden. Please don’t send in film holders.